Our expertise

The central pillar of the Mambo Group’s activity is its diversified team, both skilled and with an open outlook to the world.

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With its dynamic teams, Mambo adapts to its various partners to create trustworthy partnerships all around the world.

Mambo’s team undertake regular training sessions to comply with the requirements of economic, social and sustainable growth.

The human talents of the Mambo Group are seconded by a custom-made data processing system to meet the needs of a complex and demanding activity.

Given the efficient network of subsidiaries and representatives, the Mambo’s team are constantly on the ground with the producers, industrialists, banks, insurance companies and agricultural research institutes.

Thank to their human scale and diversity. Mambo’s teams can offer innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the actors of sector, regarding management of price risk exposure, logistics, quality and financing.


Mambo and its partners’ teams are informed on the applicable standards regarding anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing, protection of the environment and industrial safety.

By developing its investments in the agro-industrial sector in West Africa, Mambo participates in the creation of resources and jobs.  
Our model of development takes into account the social environment and makes use of local professional resources.

Mambo set up a policy of support of local farmers to help them obtain and use quality fertilisers, formulated with the assistance of local agronomists to improve soil fertility and increase the profitability of crops, while preserving natural resources.

Mambo has an active participation within the associations bringing together the actors of the cotton industry (ICA, AFCOT…) in order to promote good practice in international cotton trade.

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