Cotton waste

Recovery of cotton waste as a goal

The Mambo group, through its Burkina Faso subsidiairy CORI, has an activity of processing and sale of cotton waste. Downgraded or damaged cotton bales, further to storage or transport conditions are also processed on the CORI site of Bobo-Dioulasso.

Efficient and quick collection and processing

With an annual capacity of 5,000 metric tons, CORI collects cotton waste from 18 ginning plants of Sofitex, the principal producer of cotton in Burkina Faso. The organisation and rapidity of the collection are essential to optimise the processing of these by-products, formerly neglected.

Cleaning and recovery of cotton waste

The cotton waste is cleaned, manually and mechanically, and repressed into standard bales with a view to its exportation.

Mambo then relies on its industrial know-how and its knowledge of the needs of spinners to recover and commercialise these recycled fibres on the international market with spinners of « Open End » type, among others for the production of Denim.